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Beatrice Galletley 

Ceramic Artist

This artist book is a visual link to my thesis ‘Finding Ceramics, Exploring The Situation’ and takes on the format of a zine as it echoes how the conversation is in flux. My thesis was a personal exploration of my interest in ceramics’ multidimensional position within the world. I have always been unsure where I position myself; having studied fine art but always used clay as my medium, this has raised question and challenges towards my use of material. I became very interested in objects and, in turn, artwork that challenged our conventional understanding of themselves and their position through being multidimensional and not existing within a singular category. This exploration within my thesis became the building blocks for my creative practice.

Through this book I hope to develop upon my initial thoughts and writing, to see if I have answered some of the questions I explored in my thesis, or if through physically making, I have generated new questions. The structure of my artist book exists around the structure of my thesis; using the chapter headings as a base structure of my portfolio. I also reference relevant observations, and quotes which I aim to support through images or develop through new writing and images in relation to each other.

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