Beatrice Galletley

Ceramic Artist


Kiln Dimensions: 

46 x 61 x 68cm 

191 liters 



Standard Bisque firing - £40 

Standard Glaze firing - £50 



To hire the kiln please contact beatrice see contact details below.

Within your enquire please included the amount of work you wish to fire and the temperature you are looking to fire too. Also included the Deadline and when you wish to drop the work off.

For bisque work if the work is not fully dried it will not be fired.

Glaze firings - if any damage is caused during the firing to the shelves you will be responsible for paying for any damage. 

Work cannot be stored in the studio so once the firing is complete it is expected to be collected that day. No responsibility will be taken for any damage that could occur during firing or while waiting to be fired.